Our Mission

MYCOLOGOS produces high-quality educational materials that enable individuals and organizations to readily apply the arts and sciences of mycology throughout their lives and livelihoods.

MYCO (n., from múkēs, Ancient Greek) – Mushroom, fungus.
LOGOS (n. from λόγος, Ancient Greek) – Word, speech, study, logic, reason.

In step with this mission and our broader vision, the following three values are the cornerstones upon which MYCOLOGOS rests. We strive to maintain the highest degree of integrity in all of our offerings and to respect your right to work with educators who take pride in their work while holding your best interests in mind. We are fulfilled by and thankful for our ability to work with you and thank you for your support as we fulfill our greatest motivations: to help you grow, to help the environment regenerate, and to help future generations thrive through the many benefits of working with fungi.

Teach the Best Information

As educators, we strive to deliver the most comprehensive set of information available on the topics we cover. All of our online and in-person courses are carefully designed to ensure the highest degree of information is provided in an interdisciplinary format. As such, all of our courses offer a blend of lecture, suggested reading, research projects, technique demonstrations, structured practice session outlines, and, where appropriate, art-, journal-, movement-, or community engagement-based exercises. Our catalog of courses is designed to offer what we believe is the most in-depth and inspiring approach to such a fascinating field as mycology.

  Do Good By the Earth,
And the Fungi

As a multi-faceted institute, MYCOLOGOS strives to craft forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious models for working with fungi. A major part of that effort involves reducing the ecological impacts of our mushroom farming and educational tool manufacturing.

 This is done in part through our development of various low-impact, appropriate technology-focused tools for mushroom cultivation. With their development and implementation in our farming protocols, our long-term goal is to create a sustainable mushroom farming model that minimizes the use of external inputs, eliminates on-farm waste, and only produces good food, good medicine, and rich compost. As most mushroom growing infrastructure and protocols don’t start with this intent, we  have some healthy challenges ahead of us. But we believe this goal is attainable through hard work, dedication, and ingenuity.

Along the way, we remain cognizant of the manufacturing and transportation impacts of the materials we use for our wares and in our cultivation practice. As we continue to refine our processes, we strive to minimize these impacts to the best of our ability – and to teach you what we learn along the way.

Build a Mycoculture

As the above values continue to guide our work (alongside transparency with, and encouraged feedback from, our students and supporters), we believe that MYCOLOGOS will make a sea change in how fungi are integrated in our day-to-day lives. We see our institute as a bridge builder for the ever-growing global community of enthused, educated, and engaged fungi allies. Join us!