Our multi-faceted work is best summarized in our tripartite mission, as inspired by the expansive nature of fungi.


(n., from múkēs, Ancient Greek)
Fungus, mushroom.

(n. from λόγος, Ancient Greek)
Word, logic, reason.


Explore and Spread Spores™
We teach the language of fungi: lessons we’ve gathered from years of working with mushrooms, lichens, molds, and yeasts. To share these powerful spores of knowledge, we create educational resources and organize special events that distill our most current findings into solutions-oriented approaches that improve the lives of others. We know that mycology will change the world for the better – but only if more people know about it!


Innovate & Myceliate™
We strive to infuse the technical aspects of mycology with an essential and enduring wonder around the science's many unsolved curiosities. To this end, we add to conversations in the modern mycoculture by providing unique materials that support a holistic future for human-fungal relationships. Our courses and educational materials are just some of the ways we put the many facets of mycology into the hands of others – with much more to come!

Along the way, we welcome feedback from our students and supporters to improve the ways we think about and share mycology with the world, as we envision new ways to take the mycoconversation to the next level.


Preserve & Evolve™
The lessons of stewardship, collaboration, and resilience found throughout mycology weave into all that we create. To reduce the impacts of our work on the environment, we engage in mycoremediation research, develop resource efficient mushroom farming practices, and strive to use the most evironmentally-conscious materials and practices in the production and shipment of our goods. This is only the start of our work to preserve the support systems that fungi lend to humans and the environment – and we plan to do much more in the future.