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Who We Are
We are Mycologos, a school and research hub dedicated to all that mushrooms and other fungi offer. We advance and share fungi-related skills that increase quality of life and promote a more sustainable future. And we design tools and materials that promote the many benefits of mycology (the study of fungi) for people and the planet.
Our purpose is to train and inspire more practicing mycologists (no matter their background or interest in mycology) through high quality courses and products. We believe that only when many more people are knowledgeable about mycology will the greatly needed advancement of the science occur.

We also believe that the only way to make that progress meaningful to the broader world is by ensuring that the learning journey we craft is as inspiring as possible. We love fungi and working with them, and we want everyone to share the mush love.





We design curricula, techniques, and goods that inspire healthy relationships between humans and fungi. The skills we teach can solve global problems, and the resources we provide make those solutions easy to enact. Our courses are informative, inspiring, and practical; our products are ethically produced (often by hand and in small batches); and our work is constantly iterated upon.

Innovative, inquisitive, honest, and earnest are sentiments that describe our ethos and efforts – while onward and upward is the direction we push ourselves toward daily.
At the turn of the 21st century, Oregon-native Peter McCoy taught himself to grow mushrooms using little more than his library card and a tireless curiosity about the natural world. With no mentor, the challenge was all uphill – with more mold than mushrooms grown at first. Perseverance eventually paid off as Peter soon become skilled in mushroom growing – only to find that along the way a deep interest in all aspects of mycology had also started to grow within him.

In time, Peter began teaching his passion for fungi-related skills to his neighbors, and then to people around the world – often spending months on the road to spread the messages he had gained from years of working with fungi. During this time, he also refined a unique philosophic approach to modernizing fungi: a Radical Mycology mindset and skillset that was summarized in his first book in 2016.

After spending nearly twenty years immersed in mycology and training others, Peter founded Mycologos in 2017 to further his wish of sharing the gifts of mycology with people around the world.
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