Certified Organic • Research Focused • Mycelium Powered

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Organic Research and Experimental Demonstration Urban Fungi Farm (MOREDUFF)
The Mycologos Organic Research and Experimental Demonstration Urban Fungi Farm (MOREDUFF) is our beloved research hub and idea incubator. It's where we iterate practical mycoremediation protocols, fruit uncommon mushroom species, trial experimental substrates, and isolate fungi from soil and plants.
Local & Sustainable
At the MOREDUFF, we use organic, locally-sourced, or wild-crafted materials to grow all of our mushrooms – all in an effort to be as resource-efficient as the fungi themselves. We don’t import wood pellets from across the country (as many mushroom farms do), but instead work with local sawdust suppliers to get the freshest wood-based materials available. This not only minimizes the environmental impact of our farm, but also ensures that the mushrooms produced lack the toxic residues commonly found in modern agriculture and mushroom farming practices.

Similarly, all of the grains used in our cultivation process are gluten-free, and we incorporate mineral sources into our grow kits to ensure the mushrooms grown are as healthy, anti-inflammatory, and nutrient dense as possible.

Many of the varieties we grow were originally collected from the pristine forests of Oregon and Washington, enabling us to work with species that are adapted to our local climate. Likewise, we grow with the seasons, rotating species that prefer ambient conditions, thereby reducing energy inputs for environmental controls.

Combined with the high-quality varieties (strains) we work with, our farm is one of the most hands-on means by which we work to advance our mission of allying with fungi.