How to earn a Certificate of Completion in our MycoCurious™ and MycoPro™ courses

Getting Certified
Some of our online and in-person courses offer a pathway for students to obtain a Certificate of Completion upon the fulfillment of a project portfolio. Portfolio requirements vary by course and may include any combination of the following:

  • Creative projects
  • Reflection exercises
  • Reading assignments
  • Travel-based or field exercises
  • Community engagement projects
  • Research or interview assignments
  • Constructing simple or complicated tools
  • Demonstration of topic comprehension
  • Designing personalized processes or systems to achieve tasks related to course content

Completetion of a project portfolio may require acquiring books, tools, or other educational materials. The approximate cost of these materials will be listed in the course's FAQ section, which is located toward the bottom of each course's description page.
Portfolios and Exams
If offered, an online course's requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Completion will be detailed in the course syllabus. Syllabi are provided in the first week of each course. Details on how to complete each assignment are provided as a course progresses. At the end of a course, detailed instructions for formatting and submitting the final portfolio are also provided. Portfolios that do not match these submission guidelines will not be accepted.

Each training that offers a Certificate of Completion will also require students to pass one or more multi-choice exams with a grade of 80% or higher for each exam. Students will have only have one opportunity to take these exams.


Submission Deadline
For our online courses that offer a Certificate of Completion, students have one year to complete the requirements for the Certificate after they gain access to the final segment of the course. This means that if a course is released one week at a time for seven weeks, students will have 59 weeks from their first day of enrollment to complete their portfolio (i.e. 7 weeks for the course’s content to be released, plus 52 weeks for portfolio preparations).
Review Timeline
Upon completing an exam, up to 60 days may pass before the exam results are provided. Upon submitting a course portfolio for review, up to 90 days may pass before Mycologos staff reviews it. If the portfolio is found to not match the requirements for obtaining the course’s Certificate of Completion, students may be offered the opportunity to make corrections to their portfolio, so long as the needed changes are minor. Whether a student can correct their portfolio will be at the discretion of Mycologos staff. If corrections are requested, the student will have up to 30 days to submit their corrections, which may take up to 60 days for final review.

If a portfolio does not meet the requirements for a course’s Certificate of Completion and the student still wishes to obtain the Certificate of Completion, they will need to enroll in the course a second time. Portfolios submitted after a submission deadline (see above) will not be reviewed.
Certificate Use
If a portfolio is completed and the course's exams are passed within the above stated timelines, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from Mycologos recognizing their work and comprehension of the course's material.

Our Certificates are not Bachelor's or Master's degrees in Mycology, as might be obtained from a university. Rather, this digital Certificate (secured by blockchain, a powerful technology that ensures it is secure and impossible to fake) acknowledges the student’s skill set and proficiency in the topics covered and serves as a testament of meeting our high standards, which we are happy to communicate to your employers or university admissions office.
Last Updated 6/10/2024