Beginner to advanced trainings on the arts and sciences of mycology

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Academy of Applied Mycology

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The Mycologos Academy for Applied Mycology (MAAM) teaches a diverse range of fungi-focused skills though online and hands-on courses. Students are able to tailor their learning journey through several learning levels and tracks:

  • MycoCurious™ Courses are designed for students who are new to mycology or who want a fresh perspective on its fundamentals.
  • MycoPro™ Courses provide training on more advanced topics and are ideal for students wanting to dive deep into the world of fungi.

  • MycoMind™ Courses are for seekers of the detailed information on the science and practical applications of mycology.
  • MycoBody™ Courses support wellness advocates seeking information on the health benefits of fungi.
  • MycoSpirit™ Courses help creative learners refine their personal relationship with fungi through creative and experimental learning paths.
We love teaching about all that fungi offer. And we also know how tricky it can be to learn these arts and sciences when information is hard to access or plagued by contradictions. To address this, we've designed all of our courses in line with the 3-phase learning model developed by Peter McCoy, the MycoMind™ Method.

  • Learn – Courses begin by detailing the terms, tools, and concepts that underpin the area of study while demonstrating practical contexts for their application.
  • Grow – With this groundwork laid, the relationships between these components are experienced directly by students through hands-on projects.
  • Share – Finally, students are encouraged to share their knowledge with others – to “learn by teaching” – so as to determine where gaps in their understanding remain. This often takes the form of creating a final project portfolio and engaging local community members with the information learned in the course.

We believe this framework creates the best and most direct means to work with fungi by ensuring that students understand not just the who, what, where, and when of a topic, but also the (all-important) why behind it, and, ultimately, how to best apply that knowledge.
To put their training into action, our students are encouraged to practice a range of creative, practical, and research-based exercises – whether through hands-on indoor and outdoor activities, or by sharing their knowledge with others. Each course is complemented by a wealth of resources beyond the core lessons (e.g. readings, and step-by-step instructional handouts), and by suggestions on how to apply the skills learned to future lifestyle or career pathways.
Curating a supportive learning environment is central to our ethos, which we foster through the Mycologos Community Forum, where students share ideas and findings with their peers, and through the group discussions and hands-on activities of our in-person trainings.

We strive to ensure that our courses not only enable our students to lead healthier and more gainful lives, but that they also inspire greater connection to the people, habitats, and fungi they collaborate with.