Health and Safety Disclaimer

Though we believe strongly in the many health benefits that fungi offer, the instructors and staff at MYCOLOGOS cannot diagnose health conditions or provide health care advice to anyone in any form. MYCOLOGOS staff are not licensed or registered healthcare practitioners.

MYCOLOGOS Students, Website visitors, and users of our various other Products and Services are invited to discuss health-related topics in the public and private forums we offer, and to comment about their experiences with mushrooms and other fungi on our website or social media pages. We greatly enjoy hearing personal anecdotes, insights, and experiences whenever possible.

However, any such comments and anecdotes made by MYCOLOGOS Students or Website users are subjective and do not represent MYCOLOGOS.

No forum post or website or social media comment made on the MYCOLOGOS website or its affiliated third party platforms should be considered health advice. You are responsible for consulting a medical professional before consuming any fungus, its extracts, or any derivative product mentioned on the MYCOLOGOS Website or any third party related forum.

All content, information, and Materials provided by MYCOLOGOS are for educational purposes only. The information provided in our courses and other Products and Services is as accurate as possible, but we make no guarantee that it is without error or oversight. You are ultimately responsible for researching and verifying the information provided by MYCOLOGOS before relying on it.

The information provided by MYCOLOGOS is not a substitute for medical treatment from a trained physician. Please consult your medical care provider before using or consuming any fungus or its extracts, particularly if you have a known, or suspect you may have, a medical condition, or if you are pregnant or nursing. People react differently to different mushrooms (even common edibles) – with reactions ranging from gastric intolerance to anaphylactic shock. It is your choice to consumes any fungus or its extracts. Some mushrooms and their extracts are contraindicated with certain natural substances, pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter drugs.

Some mushrooms and other fungi can be easily confused with harmful or deadly species. It is imperative to be absolutely certain of the identification of any fungus before you consume or use it or its extracts. We cannot be responsible for your incorrect identification of a fungus.

Applied mycology (which includes the preparation and consumption of mushrooms and other fungi) is vast and complex, and many of the effects of these arts and sciences are still unknown or under-studied. The information we provide must be used responsibly.

You are responsible for your own health and safety choices. This includes but is not limited to the ingestion, application, or other use of a fungus, alcohol, or any poisonous, toxic, or allergenic substance mentioned in our courses, on our Website, or in our Products and Services. In the event that you are not of legal age to consume alcohol or any substance mentioned in our courses, on our Website, or in our Products and Services, MYCOLOGOS recommends that you refrain from the purchase, consumption, or use of such substance in your studies. If you elect to disregard such recommendation, you do so at your own risk, and MYCOLOGOS accepts no liability relating to or arising from your activities.

Your health and safety when working with fungi is of great importance to us. Please contact us with any questions you might have about the above to ensure that your engagement with mycology is as beneficial as possible.

Updated 12/3/2019