MycoDiversity Preservation and Research Through Community Contributions

International Ethno-Fungarium

The Mycologos International Ethno-Fungarium (MIEF) is our fungarium, or archive of mushrooms, lichens, and micro fungi from around the world. This crowd-sourced collection furthers our mission to best preserve and engage with fungi through its dual function as both a library of fungal phenotypes and as an educational and research resource.

If you would like to support the MMC, you are invited to submit one or more collection of the species listed at the link below, which have been chosen for their rarity, beauty, cultural significance, bioactivity, pigmentation, or research potential. Qualifying submissions may not only be added to the MMC, but also added to the Mycologos Yourcelium Culture Collection, used for ethnomycological or applied mycology research, or genetically sequenced and listed in our Fungal Diversity Survey.

All qualifying submissions are rewarded with MycoPoints, which reduce enrollment costs for our online courses.

Submit a Collection
See our MMC submission protocol and watch the video here for detailed instructions on how to add your collection and earn MycoPoints.

Once your collection has been prepared, use the SUBMIT YOUR COLLECTION button to start your entry.

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