Mushroom Cultivation Bags – Various Styles Sale

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Space bags, grow bags, filter patch bags – call them what you will, these specialty engineered polypropylene bags are a central feature in bigger-than-mason-jar mushroom growing operations.

Sold in sets of 10 bags.

We offer twelve different bag styles in combinations of the following options:


  • Small (3” x 4” x 18”)
  • Medium (4” x 5” x 18”)
  • Large (5” x 8” x 19”)
  • Extra Large (5” x 10” x 24”)

Filter Pore Size

  • Fine (0.5 µm)
  • Ultrafine (0.2 µm)

Liquid Injection-Ready

  • Yes
  • No

Choosing Your Bag
The size of bag you need depends on your end goal. If you are creating grain spawn, we suggest smaller bags to avoid losing a large volume of material in the event of an error. If you are fruiting mushrooms, larger bags typically result in a more impressive and efficient crop size.

Filter choice is also based on your end goal. Ultrafine (0.2 µm) filter bags are needed when cultivating grain spawn as this pore size rejects mold spores and bacterial cells. Fine (0.5 µm) filtered bags are most often used to produce fruiting kits or to generate spawn for outdoor applications. This filter size can permit the entrance of some external cells, but in practical applications this tends to not have a significant impact on yields.

Injection ports are used for liquid inoculation techniques (whether via spores or liquid mycelium cultures).