5.0 mL Pop-Top Centrifuge Tubes Sale

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These polypropylene tubes take all the conveniences of our 1.5 ml tubes and scales them up for larger volumes. Featuring an attached cap that provides a tight, leak proof seal from -86°C to +80°C., these tubes can be effortlessly opened or closed with one hand. Made with maximum clarity, low-binding virgin polypropylene, they are sized to be compatible with all Benchmark™ (USA) and standard German-designed equipment, including centrifuges, dry bath block heaters, tube racks and thermal shakers/vortexers.

The 16 mm tube diameter is identical to that of 15 ml tubes, which ensures compatibility with centrifuge rotors, etc, while also reducing contamination risks by of pipettor shafts as the 56 mm total tube length (vs. 120 mm for standard 15 ml tubes) is short enough for standard 1 ml or 5 ml tips to reach the tube's conical bottom.

Non-sterile. Sold individually.