5.0 mL Centrifuge Tubes Sale

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These mini screw cap tubes are an excellent alternative to the standard 15 mL tubes we carry, especially when space is limited for storing cultures, or to reduce package size when shipping cultures. We also like to use these tubes to collect cultures in the wild as we can fit quite a number in our backcountry culturing kits.

Made of high-clarity and low-binding virgin polypropylene, these tubes have dual graduations at every 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml and are sized to be compatible with all Benchmark™ (USA) and standard German-designed equipment, including centrifuges, dry bath block heaters, tube racks and thermal shakers/vortexers. The supplied screw caps seal smoothly and completely with a single 360° turn and have a 20 mm outer diameter.

Non-sterile, with caps shipped unattached. Each tube measure 16 x 54 mm (not including rim and cap). Total height with cap is 64 mm.

Sold individually.