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An impulse sealer is one of the first specialty tools a mushroom grower invests in as this device’s ability to quickly and consistently create an air tight seal in an inoculated mushroom grow bag is essential to reducing contamination rates.

Below are the key features to choose from in a sealer – information we explore in depth in our article on the sealer selection process.

Choose between 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18” sealing seams. Most mushroom grow bags can be sealed in a 12-inch seam, but the wiggle room is so limited that it’s easy to misalign a bag and not get a complete seal. We recommend going at least 14 inches wide, if not 16 inches. An 18-inch seal is not needed for most standard operations, unless you want to seal two small bags at once.

Seal thickness options are 2 mm, 5 mm, and 10 mm. A 5 mm seam better ensures closure over a 2 mm seal, which can easily leak if there is a missed section in the seam. The 10 mm seam is what we use on our Fungi Farm.

Magnetic sealers stay closed via an electromagnet that is controlled by an adjustable timer. This feature removes the need to manually hold the sealer closed when is it heating and cooling, allowing you can close the sealing arm and go on prep the next bag while the prior bag is sealing. The time and labor saved in this regard – especially if you are a one-person operation – cannot be over appreciated.

Fully automatic sealers can be set to open and close on a timed interval if you are working at a quick and steady pace. Or they can be quickly activated by a foot/hand switch.

Sealers with a trimming function can cut the bag just behind the sealing area. This is useful when sealing plastic tubing, such as when making strawsage tubes, but is not needed for standard mushroom cultivation bags.

These options can be combined several ways, making for a variety of sealer designs. We offer almost any combination of these features (with our top choices listed in the drop down menu above). If you are not sure which to choose and are primarily using the device to seal sterile bags of inoculated substrate (e.g. supplemented sawdust), we recommend a 14” or 16” long, 5 mm bead, magnetic sealer.

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