House of Hydro Ultrasonic Fogger – Various Models Sale

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These durable, floating, ultrasonic fog-producing units from House of Hydro offer some of best bang-for-your-buck mushroom fruiting foggers on the market. With replaceable ceramic discs and an included floating tray, all you need to do is drop one of these in a water holding container and direct the fog where you want it to go with a fan and ducting.

Available in 6 sizes, each putting out the following volumes of mist:
  • 1 disc: 500 mL per hour
  • 3 disc: 1,500 mL per hour
  • 5 disc: 1,900 mL per hour
  • 6 disc: 2,800 mL per hour
  • 9 disc: 2,500 mL per hour
  • 12 disc: 6,000 mL per hour
  • 12 disc XL: 9,000 mL per hour