Fly Agaric: A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology, & Exploration Sale

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This monumental and unprecedented tome encapsulates a wealth of information on the history, lore, taxonomy, and pharmacology of the world’s most iconic mushroom: the Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria).

Among its many entries is a chapter by Mycologos founder Peter McCoy on the connection between the Celtic Druids, their Goddess Brigid, and the Fly Agaric.

From the Publisher
With more than two-dozen contributors and over 450 pages of content, Fly Agaric is the most comprehensive book on the iconic red and white-spotted mushroom ever assembled. In the 29 chapters contained herein the reader is taken on a journey through history, folklore, and the magical landscapes experienced under the influence of the Fly Agaric, and its many close relatives. The reader of this book will learn:

  • How to recognize and identify over a dozen types of psychoactive Amanita species, subspecies, and varieties occurring in North America, and how to distinguish them from look-alikes.
  • What psychoactive and other active compounds are found in psychoactive Amanitas, and how they affect the mind and body.
  • The differences between the effects and experiences produced by psychoactive Amanitas and psychedelic Psilocybe mushrooms.
  • How the Fly Agaric can be detoxified and safely prepared for the dinner table.
  • The history of medicinal and homeopathic use of the Fly Agaric.
  • How the Fly Agaric can be used topically and internally to treat conditions such as pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety.
  • Theories regarding the historical and religious use of psychoactive Amanitas around the world based on archaeological, folkloric, and other evidence.