The Many Ways of Fungi

First Steps Into the World of Mycology

Welcome to the Wondrous World of Fungi!

Learning about all that mushrooms, lichens, and other fungi offer people and the planet has changed my life in so many positive ways. After 17 years of studying and working with fungi, I know that these incredible organisms can enhance the lives of all the world's inhabitants and environments in profound, unique, and often simple ways. Through this course I wish to share some of my favorite ways to engage with and learn from fungi with you!

In this introductory course I'll help guide you into the magic and mystery of the most overlooked branch on the Tree of Life, and enable you to bring the gifts of the Fungal Queendom into nearly every aspect of modern life!

I can't wait to see how the skills provided inspire you!

Peter McCoy

MYCOLOGOS Founder and Mycomind

The Many Ways of Fungi:
First Steps Into the World of Mycology

Duration: 7 weeks
(Full itinerary below)

Woven into the human story, infused throughout the ecosystems around us, and guiding the newest advancement of culture and technology today, fungi have richly influenced life on Earth since the earliest epochs. Recent discoveries in mycology are proving the science offers unprecedented means for creating a more sustainable and resilient future, with each day offering new ways for anyone to get involved in the mycocultural revolution. The biggest challenges in all of this excitement is simply knowing where to begin one's journey, and how to find proper support along the way.

In this course, you will learn to apply the core skills and insights that mycology offers – from the unique biology of fungi, to their fascinating history and numerous applications. By the end of the course you will have learned various introductory skills for creating fungi-centered foods, medicines, and artworks, while also honing the language to teach others about your passion for fungi through outdoor activities and personal development projects. All told, this course will leave you well-prepared for pursuing the more advanced courses offered at MYCOLOGOS and for knowing that you are starting off – or running strong – on the best foot possible.

Course Overview

WEEK 1: The Fungal Queendom

Orientation • Course Objectives • The History of Mycology • The Uniqueness of Fungal Biology • Patterns of Fungal Ecology • Fungi in Human History

WEEK 2: Finding The Fungi Around You

Mushroom Hunting Safety and Ethics • Best Foraging Tools • 5 Mushrooms to Know • Common Lichen Types • Fungi Are Everywhere(!)

WEEK 3: Cooking With Fungi

Best Basic Recipes for Cooking Any Mushroom • Cooking With Truffles • Rejuvinating Fungal Tonics • Crafting Simple Alcoholic Drinks

WEEK 4: Working With Medicinal Fungi

History of Medicinal Mushrooms • Active Compounds • Top Species to Know • Best Types of Medicinal Products • Simple Preparation Practices • Psychoactive Fungi Primer

WEEK 5: Cultivating a Relationship With Fungi

Fungal Cultivation Introduction • Growing Mushrooms on Coffee Grounds • Promoting Lichens in the Garden and Forest • Fun with Molds and Yeasts

WEEK 6: Fungal Arts & Crafts

Spore Art • Mushroom Paper Making • Dyeing Clothes and Hair With Mushrooms • Mycelium-Based Objects (Mycomaterials)

WEEK 7: Advanced Mycology Primer

Healing the Environment with Fungi • Current Areas of Research in Mycology • Best Places to Study Mycology • Common Careers in Mycology • Sharing Mycology With Others • The Future is Fungi!

Join Anytime!

You can join this course at any time using the links below. New material is released to you each week, which includes video lectures, readings, and project and activity descriptions. You have access to the material for a full year, during which time you can revisit the course content as often as you like!

Life Skills You Will Learn

This course will leave you well prepared for a lifetime of engaging with fungi and all that mycology offers by teaching you:
  • How to work with medicinal fungi at home and how to select the highest quality medicinal products at the store
  • The central roles of fungi in human history
  • Essential concepts and terms used to discuss and describe mushrooms, lichens, molds, and yeasts
  • Tasty ways of preparing mushroom-based dishes that will convert anyone into a mushroom lover
  • A clear understanding of the primary roles fungi fulfill in the environment
  • Fun and easy techniques for growing mushrooms and other fungi at home
  • Unique ways for making art with fungi, including mycelium-based object art
  • Exciting, cutting edge applications and areas of research in mycology
  • Common career paths in mycology

What You Receive

Enrollment in this course provides you with these special offerings:
  • One year of streaming access to the entire course content, including video lectures and demonstrations, field recordings, reference and resource documents, and more!
  • Lifetime access to this course’s section on the MYCOLOGOS web forum where you can share ideas, questions, and success stories with a global community of fellow fungi enthusiasts
  • Study and reference materials, and experiential projects designed to reinforce concepts and terminology
  • Instructions, materials lists, and support for projects to be done in home, in the field, and in your community
  • Upon completion, a Certificate from MYCOLOGOS recognizing your comprehension of course materials and completion of a project portfolio. Learn more about our Certificates of Completion here

How to Enroll

You can join this course at any time as enrollment is ongoing. To register, simply sign up at the link below. Within 1–2 business days, you will receive registration information to set up your account on the MYCOLOGOS Courses Portal, where the video lectures and other course content will be made available, and on the MYCOLOGOS Community Forum, where you can share ideas and research with your peers.

You will then have access to the course's contents for a full year, during which time you can engage with the material and the associated projects and assignments at your own pace and as many times as you like!

Once you are registered, new course content will be provided to your account on the MYCOLOGOS Courses Portal each week, and an email will be sent to you when the new content is available. You will be able to download all of the course’s texts and supplementary materials, though course videos will only be available online, so you will need a reliable internet connection (whether on a smart phone or computer) to watch them.

Who This Course is For

This course is ideal for anyone interested in starting or expanding their path into the many arts and sciences of mycology. Course participants include:
  • Fungi-curious folks unsure of where to begin with mycology – but who can’t wait to start!
  • Practicing myco-enthusiasts wanting to fill gaps in their appreciation of fungi
  • Naturalists seeking new ways to engage with the uniqueness of fungal biology and ecology
  • Herbalists and natural medicine enthusiasts wanting to start their studies with medicinal mushrooms
  • Parents and homeschoolers wishing to teach their children simple skills for working with fungi
  • Homesteaders and permaculturalists seeking a solid foundation in the foundational skills that mycology offers for resilient living styles
  • Educators of any type needing new frameworks for communicating the importance of fungi
  • Artists interested in incorporating the uniqueness of fungi into their palette
  • Ethnologists and sociologists curious about the history of mycology in human cultures as well as current trends in the science and culture of mycology

Get Certified!

This course will prepare you for a lifetime of working with fungi in many capacities. To provide the best learning experience, we are including various suggested homework assignments and providing research resources to help reinforce the information covered in the video instruction.

These additional learning tools are optional, but in order to meet the requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Completion for the course, you can expect to spend approximately 1–3 hours practicing new skills for every hour of instruction.

At a minimum, students seeking certification will complete two exams and document their practice of various skills presented throughout the course. Students will have one year after the course ends to complete these assignments and submit their final portfolio for review.

Full details on Certification requirements will be provided in the first week of the course.

You can learn more about our Certificates here.

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Do you want to take your understanding of fungi to the next level?

If you’ve gotten hooked on the wonders of fungi and have been having a hard time knowing where to get started – or even getting clear on where the limits of mycology end – you are not alone! This course has been designed to address many common stumbling blocks in this massive subject, and to help anyone getting started in mycology know exactly what the science offers.

By joining this course you will be preparing yourself for the easiest route into this unique world, supported by the best information and most practical skills needed to quickly and easily embrace the many gifts of working with fungi.

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Yes! Enrollment is ongoing so you can join the course at any time and engage with the content at your own pace for the year that you are enrolled.
This course’s goal is to familiarize you with the most popular entry points into mycology. Through guided studies, exams, experiential projects, and other coursework you will develop competency in the topics listed at the top of this page, giving you the familiarity and experience needed to later make well-informed steps into more advanced areas of mycological study. The insights provided in this course will enable you to enrich your personal engagement with fungi on many fronts, as well as open new possibilities for academic exploration or career development.
After you enroll, please allow 1–2 business days for your student account to be established. Once your account is established, you will receive login information to the MYCOLOGOS Courses Portal, where the course videos are hosted, and the MYCOLOGOS Community Forum, where discussion among class students takes place. You will receive immediate access to the first week of content. Each week, new content will be released to you and a notification email to remind you of the new content.
Yes! Anyone is welcome to join this course, so long as they feel comfortable engaging in the topics and understand that we cannot offer language translation services at this time. We are excited to educate students around the world and invite you to join us wherever you are!
Information about our Certificates of Completion can be viewed here. For this course, the certification process will require documenting a community engagement project and several beginner-level hands-on practical exercises and then submitting those records in a project portfolio after you have completed all of the course requirements.
Yes! Enrollment is ongoing so you can join the course at any time and engage with the content at your own pace for the year that you are enrolled.
Each student will receive access to a section of the MYCOLOGOS Community Forum for this course (2019 The Many Ways of Fungi), where they can share questions, stories, insights, and more with their class peers. As with other online forums, there will be subthreads for specific topics covered in the course, so that information can be easily sorted and retrieved.
Once you are enrolled, you can submit clarifying questions on course content via email and one of our crew members will respond within 2–3 days.
We do offer a 10% discount per person when groups of 3 or more friends, family members, or colleagues sign up together. Please contact us if you wish to register with a group.
This course is the culmination of over a decade of dedicated research and teaching experience by Peter McCoy to create a robust, holistic, and one-of-a-kind course that is affordable. We ask that at all times you respect this time and energy investment by not sharing your login information or any of the course’s videos and original resources.

In joining this course you are also joining in a pact of mutual respect and trust, shared by you, Peter, and the other students wherein the information and personal accounts shared by all is held within the confines of the course unless otherwise stated. Peter and all of us at MYCOLOGOS thank you in advance for helping maintain the integrity of that pact and for helping ensure a longstanding, and ever-stronger community amongst all MYCOLOGOS students and alumni.

With all that said, we want to make clear that we highly encourage you to share you own insights and discoveries that this course brings out and up for you in whatever capacity you desire. We need more Fungal Ambassadors in the world!
This course is a stand alone offering that cannot be broken up. If you are interested in just a portion of the topics listed above, you will need to join the whole course to access those parts.
The projects related to the course are designed to be skill-building, but cost effective. For most of the skills taught, Peter will present the most cost-effective tools and techniques for getting started, while noting where more money and time can be invested for going deeper into the given topic.

In all, it would be good to set aside US$50–200 for the suggested books, supplies, and miscellaneous resources related to the course if you are considering acquiring certification.

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If you're not fully satisfied with this course for any reason, we'll refund your tuition within 72 hours of enrollment, no questions asked.

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