Our Offerings

MYCOLOGOS is the mycology school of the future, now.
We know that mycology accessible to needed by people around the world and we strive to bring forth the best of this incredible science through our seven core offerings.


Online Mycology Courses

Starting in July of 2019, we will be launching a range of instant access online courses covering many topics related to mycology (e.g. including fungal ecology, medicinal mushrooms, mushroom cultivation, and psychoactive fungi) – most with beginner, intermediate, and advanced entry points.

Our courses are backed with a full suite of complementary education resources, staff support, and certification.


The MYCOLOGOS Community Forum

To support our growing community, we are launching an online discussion and community forum in conjunction with our online courses to help our students connect, learn from each other, and be inspired by the success of their peers.

In-Person Courses & Events

Starting in the winter 2019-2020, we will be offering a range of in-person offerings in Portland, Oregon and around the United States. Stay tuned for the full calendar of events, which will be released later this year.


Private Consulting

Peter McCoy is available for private consultation on the topics we cover, including mycoremediation consulting and mushroom farm design, implementation, and planning. Peter can be contacted via our contact form.


The Spawn Box™: A Community Supported Mycoculture

The Spawn Box™ is a 6-month subscription box of mushroom grow kits and other goods produced at the MYCOLOGOS Fungi Farm in Portland, Oregon. The subscription window for the 2019 CSM has yet to open, but you can read about last year’s offering here. We are currently in the process of obtaining organic certification for all of our mushroom grow kits and should be granted organic status by the time The Spawn Box™ launches later this year.


The MYCOLOGOS Myco Source Toolkit

To help make the tools of mycology as accessible as possible to people around the world, we are designing a variety of open source mycology tools. Stay tuned for the full schematics of some of our first designs. 

Original Resources

Our growing library of original and curated education resources for beginner to advanced mycologists is designed to best compliment your journey into mycology. Visit our growing shop to see what goods we currently offer.