Online Course Refund Policy

All of our online courses come with a 14-day, no-questions-asked, 100% guarantee. The 14-day period starts on the day that the first video, audio and/or written instructional, resource list, or other preparatory information is sent to the registrant.

We are not liable for any refund amount due to technical problems on your computer, including but not limited to: printer malfunction, inability to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, and/or problems due to Internet connectivity.

Online Course Certification Policy

For online courses that offer certification, completion of all stated requirements for that course are mandatory and non-negotiable.

Qualifications for certification vary by course and event. Please see the description of the course you are interested in for full details on how to obtain certification.

Students who do not qualify for certification for any reason will not be provided a refund. Course fees do not change for students who choose to not pursue certification.