When do the online courses start? How do I register?
The suite of MYCOLOGOS courses are currently in production, with a current release set for Spring of 2019, and the exact dates to be announced in early 2019. Registration will be done through our website and will open when the dates are announced. The best way to hear updates about our courses and other offerings is to join our email list here. When the launch dates are announced, we will also announce them across our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How much will the online courses cost?
Each course will be priced according to its complexity and length. Final prices for courses will be announced in early 2019 along with the course release dates. To hear about these announcements first, be sure to join our email list here.

How long will the online courses run?
Each course will vary in the length of instruction based on the topic. As with standard college courses, each of our classes will be enriched with a blend of required reading, hands-on practice sessions, and reflection work, as well as suggested supplemental reading and study queues.

How will the online courses be structured?
Once they launch, most of our courses will be available for instant access to the streaming videos and course content, all supported with our dedicated forum, where answers are offered regularly by MYCOLOGOS staff. The content will be able to run all computers and smart phones with sufficient streaming capabilities. Some of our more advanced courses will have a limited sign up window and run for a set amount of time, during which time new segments are released weekly. These courses will have a live Q&A with the instructor, which will also be recorded for later viewing.

Do the online courses have prerequisites?
No, though students will benefit from a familiarity in biology and chemistry for some of the more technical courses (e.g. courses on mycoremediation and fungal ecology). This is not required, however, as all courses will start from the ground up.

How many teachers are in the online courses?
MYCOLOGOS founder Peter McCoy is the primary instructor in all of our currently scheduled courses. Some courses will also feature guest instructors and interviews with relevant practitioners from a variety of trades and scientific fields.

Will you offer in-person courses?
Yes, but our current focus is on completing our catalog of online courses. Starting in Spring 2019, we will be offering in-person courses of varying lengths (1 day to multi-year) in Portland, Oregon, as well as abroad. To hear about those offerings when they are announced, be sure to join our email list here.

Is this really the world's first mycology school?
Yes. While there are other online means to study different aspect of mycology's arts and sciences, none of these venues are both dedicated solely to the topic and simultaneously structured as a school: with various levels of training, rigorous testing, certification, and thorough support infrastructure. We are pioneers in this field and seek to set a high bar for increasing the quality of information taught as mycology's impact increasingly spreads around the world.

Where are your certificates of completion recognized?
Upon completion of a course's content, testing, and project work, MYCOLOGOS students will receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing their work and grasp of the topic covered. This Certificate will demonstrate competency and, where appropriate, advanced training in the specialty fields we cover, with more advanced courses requiring a rigorous demonstration of understanding to obtain the Certificate. Our Certificates will stand on their own as a testament of meeting these high standards, which we are happy to communicate to employers or University admissions offices of our students. We are also working to obtain accreditation for our school, as well the ability for students to obtain college credit for some of our courses.


Want to know more?
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