Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our courses and other offerings.


Is This Really the World's First Mycology School?

Yes! While there are other means to learn mycology's many arts and sciences, MYCOLOGOS is structured as a school with various degrees of training, testing, certification process, and support staff infrastructure. We are pioneers in the field of mycological education and aim to provide the resources and frameworks to advance the burgeoning mycocultural revolution spreading around the world.


What Does MYCOLOGOS Offer?

As a school, we offer beginner to advanced online courses that cover mycology’s many facets and applied sciences. As a part of our online courses, we also host an online forum where students discuss the unique topics we cover. Starting in 2020, we will begin offering in-person courses in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

Our Urban Fungi Farm is a demonstration site and research facility aimed at innovating cultivation protocols and advancing mycoremediation research, while producing a Community Support Mycoculture subscription, The Spawn Box, which supporting members can sign up for in three-month seasonal increments.

Our open source Myco Tool Box (coming soon) will provide free schematics for commonly used and, out of necessity in most parts of the world, frequently hand-built tools used by small-scale mushroom growers.

Our shop offers a variety of original and curated entertaining and educational resources related to all things fungi!


How Do I Join an Online Course?

Our list of currently available online courses are listed here. All of these courses are open enrollment, meaning you can join at any time by following the links provided on a given course’s description page. After you register, please allow for 1–2 business days to set up your student account, at which time you will receive login information for the MYCOLOGOS Courses Portal, where courses are accessed, and the MYCOLOGOS Community Forum, where students collaborate and share insights and experiences with their peers. Our shorter courses are immediately available in their entirety, while our multi-week courses are opened up to your account one week at a time, so as to provide you with time to digest the material covered and pursue any assignments suggested for the week. Once you are enrolled, you will have access to each course for one year, during which time you will be able to revisit the course material as many times as you like.


Do the Online Courses Have Prerequisites?

No. All of our courses are designed with the beginner in mind and additional resources are provided throughout each course to supplement the provided lectures, enabling students to dive deeper into a given topic if they wish. Some of the topics we cover are best appreciated if the student has a background in related topics (e.g. for our fungal ecology course, a background in general biology and chemistry is helpful), but this background is not required for completing the course and its related project portfolio.


How Does the Certification Process Work for Courses?

The process for obtaining a Certificate of Completion for our courses is detailed here. In general, however, students seeking certification for an online course should plan to watch all of the course’s lectures, compete any related open-book exams, and complete a project portfolio within a year of finishing the course. This portfolio typically includes reading reflections and documenting several research or hands-on activities, all of which are detailed during the course.


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