The Spawn Box is our version of the Community Supported Agriculture model used by small farmers around the world to directly market their goods to their community, and for community members to support their favorite farmers in return.

When you sign up for a Spawn Box subscription (a “share”), you will be rewarded with a gift package mailed to you each month that includes a variety of fungi-focused items produced by MYCOLOGOS. Alongside ready-to-fruit mushroom grow kits, each Spawn Box will also include a rotating mix of surprises from our fungal farm and apothecary – from medicinal mushroom products and original art, to clothing items and cultivation gear. Each month is themed around a different species – from familiar edibles and medicinals to gourmet exotics – and three subscription tiers are offered to best match the size of your growing space.

Through this curated experience, The Spawn Box will help you dive into the world of mycology and readily enjoy its many wondrous facets. Along the way, you will not only grow many types mushrooms, but also become a Fungi Ambassador for your community, helping show others why fungi are just so dang cool and important.

Our Farm

At MYCOLOGOS, we strive to create new paradigms for allying with fungi in all aspects of life. We believe that working with and enjoying fungi should be easy and available to everyone, and that as part of that experience, consumed mushrooms should be of the highest quality – both nutritionally and medicinally. As such, all our spawn is grown using only organic, wild-crafted, and/or locally-sourced ingredients. This not only ensures that the environmental impact of the spawn we grow is as minimal as possible, but that the mushrooms produced lack many of the toxic residues found in modern agriculture (and mushroom farming). Further, all the grains used in our cultivation process are gluten-free, and we incorporate several trace mineral sources into our grow kits to ensure the mushrooms you grow are as anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense as possible.

Giving Back

We believe that the mutual aid and cooperation demonstrated in the CSM model is essential for the realization of a sustainable community of fungi advocates, growers, and allies – a mycoculture – now and in the future. By signing up for The Spawn Box you not only support the farm aspect of the MYCOLOGOS institute and increase our ability to share our passion for mycology, but you also help prove the viability of a CSM to future mushroom farmers around the world. In return, and to show our deep appreciation for all who join us on this mission, we are offering a scholarship for low-income individuals and families to receive a Spawn Box subscription free of charge. For every 30 shares supported by folks like you, we will provide one to a qualifying scholarship applicant.

Grow Your Own

To ensure that your growing experience is as successful as possible, preparatory information will be emailed to you prior to each month’s shipment, detailing how to best prepare your kitchen or growing space.

Once they arrive, caring for your grow kits will be a breeze. For most of them, you will only need to open the bag or cut holes in it, and then place it in an area where it can be cared for and stay somewhat humid. Even in a dry environment mushrooms can be grown indoors – albeit with more attention to keeping the mushrooms from drying out. Prior to the first month’s shipment, we will also email you detailed information on designing several simple, inexpensive, and small-scale fruiting spaces. In addition, the first month’s Spawn Box will include bonus fruiting supplies to further ensure your mushrooms grow well.

Do note that following the CSA model, you will be ordering for the full six months up front. In the veggie CSA model, this implies the customer risks the chance that some supply boxes may be less abundant than others, as reflective of the inherent risks that agriculture can bring. For our CSM, we do guarantee that you will receive the number of spawn bags promised in each box, but ask that you pay for the six months in advance, rather than one month at a time. This helps us best plan for our production schedule, while also having advance capital to invest in our infrastructure prior to each growing season.

We are intentionally not listing the species planned for each month so that it will be a surprise. But if you would like to know, contact us and we can let you in on the secret!

Subscription Levels

The following three levels provide different levels of entry into the world of mushroom growing. In addition to these options, all tiers can optionally add a monthly subscription of medicinal mushroom goods to be included with shipments, as detailed below.

The Kitchen Cultivator

($58 per month)

  • 5-6 pounds of myceliated (“colonized”) substrate. Often referred to as spawn, these grow kits will come ready to fruit, often producing multiple crops 2–3 weeks apart.
  • An 8-page zine on the history and benefits of each species along with information on the care, harvesting, and after-harvest options for the grow kits.
  • 1–3 surprise gifts.
  • USPS Priority Mail shipping.

The Mushroom Lover

($83 per month)

  • All of the items in The Kitchen Cultivator, plus an additional indoor grow kit and accompanying info zine.

The MycoHomesteader

($108 per month)

  • All of the items in The Mushroom Lover, plus an additional grow kit designed for outdoor installations and accompanying info zine.

Community Supported Apothecary Add-On

($25 per month)

  • In addition to any of the above levels, you can join the MYCOLOGOS Community Supported Apothecary and receive an additional medicinal mushroom product (e.g. a liquid extract, tea blend, mushroom salve, or other surprises) not included with the above Spawn Box levels, along with information on the items’ uses and preparation.

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