MYCOLOGOS Certification

Most of our online courses and in-person courses offer students a Certificate of Completion upon the completion of a project portfolio, the specifics of which vary by course and may include any combination of the following:

  • Creative projects
  • Reflection exercises
  • Reading assignments
  • Travel-based or field exercises
  • Community engagement projects
  • Research or interview assignments
  • Constructing simple or complicated tools
  • Applied demonstration of comprehension
  • Acquiring books, tools, or other educational materials
  • Designing personalized processes or systems to achieve tasks related to course content

Each online course offering a Certificate of Completion will also require students to pass a mid-term and final exam with a grade of 80% for each. These exams are open book, though the answers to question will need to be formatted as short (approximately 1–2 paragraph) essays. Students can retake an exam up to two more times if they do not pass the exam on the first attempt.

Requirement for obtaining Certificates of Completion for in-person courses will vary by course, and will be detailed prior to the start of a given course.


Submission of Student Portfolio and Exam Completion

At the beginning of each online course, a detailed syllabus is provided that details the requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Completion for that course if it is offered. Full instructions for each portfolio assignment are provided as a given course progresses. At the end of each course, detailed instructions for formatting and submitting the course's portfolio is provided.

Students have a year after the end of a given course's run to submit their portfolio (e.g. 59 weeks after the start of a 7-week course). The mid-term and final exam for a course must be passed with a 80% score or higher prior to this 1-year deadline in order to qualify for a Certificate of Completion.


Review Process

Upon completing the above, MYCOLOGOS staff members will review each portfolio within 90 days and may reply with requests for additional information or materials. If changes or additions need to be made for a portfolio to meet the course's requirements, these added changes will not count against the 1-year deadline, so long as the initial submission was nearly complete.

Certificate Use

If a portfolio is completed and the course's exams are passed within the stated deadlines, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from MYCOLOGOS recognizing their diligent work and comprehension of the course's material. This digital Certificate will acknowledge the student’s skill and proficiency in the specialized skills we cover and serve as a testament of meeting these high standards, which we are happy to communicate to your employers or university admissions office.


Updated 12/3/19