Mycoremediation For Everyone:
Healing our world with fungi


This Course Is expected to begin running December, 2018.
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Fungi are the great stewards of the natural world. As they build soil and maintain the health of plants, they also purge and break down the human-made toxins that increasingly pollute the world. Motor oil, dioxins, plastics, and much more have all proven susceptible to fungal degradation. And yet, the application of these fungal abilities (known as mycoremediation) has scarcely been implemented outside of research laboratories.

In this course, you will learn about the current state of mycoremediation alongside various techniques to apply this knowledge in your daily life. 

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  • Experimental design
  • Soil and water testing strategies
  • Mycoremediating bacteria- and metal-contaminated water systems
  • Testing and mycoremediating chemical-contaminated soil
  • Remediating common farm wastes
  • Remediating common urban pollutants
  • Supporting plant, animal, and human health with fungi
  • Safety, detoxifying, aftercare support
  • Mycoremediation activism

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to increase the health of any landscape through intelligently working with fungi. This course also complements studies in soil science, bioremediation, ecology, water treatment, reforestation, and habitat rehabilitation.

— IN return —

When you join this course, you will receive:

  • 1-year of streaming access to 30 hours of UHD video coursework (including a blend of blackboard work, explanatory animations and images, technique demonstrations, and videos in the field)
  • Lifetime access to this class' section of the MYCOLOGOS® discussion forum
  • Downloadable PDFs of course notes
  • Project instructions and materials lists
  • Certificate of completion (upon completing course requirements and final exam)


— About the instructor —

Peter McCoy is the founder of MYCOLOGOS® and the author of Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working With Fungi, one of the most comprehensive books on accessible mycology written to date. For the last 10 years, Peter's unique approach to working with fungi has brought him to present to tens of thousands of people around the world. An internationally-celebrated and dedicated teacher, Peter's instruction model works to engage all modes of learning by offering a blend of visual presentations, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice sessions. For more information, see Peter's full bio here.

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