Organic Reishi Mushroom Enamel Pin

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With its high potency and elegant form, Reishi is by far the most revered of all medicinal mushrooms. As a symbol of good health and long life, it was depicted throughout ancient Chinese and Japanese art, woven into the silk robes of Chinese emperors and carved into their official scepters. At the Forbidden City in Beijing and at the Emperor’s Summer Palace, Reishi is symbolized across doors and door lintels, archways, and railings.

Known as "The King of Herbal Medicines," the "10,000 Year Mushroom," and "The Divine Mushroom of Immortality," Reishi was ranked in the Chinese Herbal Classic as the superior adaptogen, placed at the top of the list above ginseng.

Now, with this soft enamel pin, you can carry on the tradition of representing this beautiful mushroom wherever you go.

  • Red and white enamel on black metal.
  • Measures 0.75" (19mm) tall and 1" (26mm) wide.
  • Comes individually packaged with a silver-colored butterfly closure.

A genuine MYCOLOGOS good.
Teaching the Language of Fungi™