MYCOLOGOS is now accepting applications for several volunteer positions that offer unique learning opportunities and work experiences. Each position starts at 5–10 hours per week, most of which being in-person at the MYCOLOGOS Fungi Farm (MFF) in Portland, OR. Each position requires a 3-month commitment, with the possibility for extension thereafter. Internship positions will begin opening by mid-April, but we can delay the start date for the right applicant until May.

To apply, please read the following role descriptions, fill out the application linked below, and email your resume or CV and a cover letter (.pdf or .doc) to within 48 hours of submitting your application.

MYCOLOGOS does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, class, gender, sex, age, or ability.

2–3 positions

This team will work together to design, build, and document the various tools to be used at the MFF. This role will not focus on cultivation skills, but on helping develop critical infrastructure for the MFF, which in turn will serve as template, open source tools for future mushroom farmers. Although the interns in this position will not work directly with fungi much, the high value in this role is in how profoundly it could affect the future of mushroom growing around the world.

The ideal person for this role is excited to put their knowledge and experience with tools, engineering, construction, and general troubleshooting to use. Using original designs provided by Peter and associates, the Building crew will work as a team to bring these tools into fruition. Tools and materials will be provided (but additional tools are always helpful) and space and budget will allow for prototyping on the way toward a final design. Most days will focus on building, though there may be periods of research, picking up materials, and other non-building activities.

Strong candidates are reliable and self-directed, and have great communication skills, a keen eye for detail, familiarity with appropriate technologies (e.g. solar, geothermal, biogas, etc.), and a high degree of skill in one or more trades (e.g. woodworking, welding, plumbing, construction, or electrical work). Additional skills that would support this role are in documentation (e.g. good note-taking and skilled photography).

2 positions

This team will be responsible for the much of the standard fungal cultivation work for the MFF, including substrate preparation, sterile culture work, and indoor and outdoor substrate inoculations. In addition, this team will also be responsible for monitoring a variety of experimental projects, as designed by Peter. Other aspects of this position include cleaning infrastructure and workspaces, running relevant errands, building simple tools, and documenting all projects (both in writing and with photos).

The ideal person for this role has proficient experience with fungal cultivation and is excited to put their skills toward refining a variety of intermediate to advanced protocols. Strong candidates are also reliable and self-directed, and have great communication skills, a keen eye for detail, and good documentation skills.

2 positions

This team will be responsible for helping Peter carry out a variety of mycoremedation projects, including their research, design, bench testing, and potential field implementation.

Strong candidates will be well versed in bioremediation, permaculture, fungal cultivation, experimental design, and the natural sciences. This role will require a significant degree of research and outreach, along with general project maintenance and thorough documentation.